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0. Maintenance and Inspections

Solution Exterior Platen Glass Feeder Fixing Assembly Machine Interior Clean this machine periodically. If dust accumulates, the machine may not operate properly. When cleaning, be sure to observe the following. WARNING Before cleaning, turn OFF the power and unplug the power plug from the AC power outlet. Failure to do so may result in a fire or electrical shock. Unplug the power plug periodically

1. Receiving Faxes

Solution Methods for Receiving Faxes Setting Up the Machine to Receive Faxes Using a Telephone to Receive Faxes (Remote Reception) This section describes the methods for receiving faxes and how to set up the machine to receive faxes. You need to complete some procedures for using fax functions before specifying the receiving settings. For details, see the "User's Guide" from the Canon website (can

2. If You Cannot Receive a Fax

Issue You cannot receive faxes. Machine does not switch automatically between telephone and fax calls. You cannot receive faxes and an error report is printed. Cause and Solution If you cannot receive faxes, check the following. Is a Telephone Line Set Correctly? Is the Machine Set to Receive or Switch Telephone and Fax Automatically? Free space in memory may be running low. Has an Error Occurred

3. Loading Paper in the Paper Drawer

Solution Load the paper that you usually use in the paper drawer. When you want to print on paper that is not loaded in the paper drawer, load the paper in the manual feed slot. [ Loading Paper in the Manual Feed Slot ] IMPORTANT Make sure to load paper in portrait orientation Paper cannot be loaded in landscape orientation. Make sure to load the paper in portrait orientation. 1. Lift the dust cove

4. Customizing the Home Screen

Solution Changing the Home Screen Button Display Order To Insert Blanks in <Home> Screen You can change the order that buttons in the <Home> screen are displayed in according to your application or a preferred arrangement. Changing the Home Screen Button Display Order 1. Press and tap <Home Set.>. If a screen appears prompting you to enter a PIN, enter the correct PIN using the numeric keys, and t

5. Streaks Appear on Printouts

Issue Vertical black streaks appear on the output. Cause and Solution This section describes how to handle if the streaks appear on the printouts. Are you using appropriate paper? Did you just replace the toner cartridge? Have you not used the printer for a long period of time? Are you using appropriate paper? Check usable paper, and replace with appropriate paper. If using the appropriate paper st

6. Clearing Jams

Solution Document Jams in the Feeder (MF249dw) Document Jams in the Feeder (MF246dn / MF237w / MF235) Paper Jams inside the Machine If a paper jams, <Paper jammed.> is displayed on the screen. Tap <Next> to display simple solutions. If it is difficult to understand the procedures on the display, see the following sections to clear jams. IMPORTANT When removing the jammed paper, do not turn OFF the

7. Checking the Available Connection Methods for the Wireless LAN (MF249dw / MF237w)

Solution Before You Start Selecting Wireless LAN Connecting to a Wireless LAN Before You Start Follow these steps to connect the machine to a network. 1. Check your computer settings. Make sure that the computer is correctly connected to the network. For more information, see the instruction manuals for the devices you are using, or contact the device manufacturers. Make sure that the network sett

8. [Windows] MF240Series/230Series MF Driver Installation Guide

Outline This manual includes instructions on how to install the printer driver. Please read this manual along with the Starter Guide. Setup instruction Manuals are available in PDF format. File names having the extension .pdf are PDF files. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read PDF files. Click on the file name to view the manual using your web browser. File infor

9. [Windows] MF232w/ MF235/ MF236n/ MF237w/ MF241d/ MF244dw/ MF246dn/ MF249dw Firmware Update Tool (V06.03)

Outline Added support for Server Name Indication (SNI) for Google Cloud Print (GCP). You will be asked to enter the product serial number before downloading the firmware. The serial number is the sequence of 8 alphanumeric characters printed on a label on the back of the device. Update History This firmware includes the following corrections and improvements: V06.03 1. Added support for Server Name

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