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imageCLASS LBP7018C

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0. imageCLASS LBP7018C Quick Setup Guide

Detail Manuals are available in PDF format. PDF format Note: File names having the extension .pdf are PDF files. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read PDF files. Follow the instructions below to download manuals in PDF format. 1. Click the file name you want to download. The download will start automatically. 2. Files will be saved on the computer desktop. 3. Dou

1. [Win&Mac] imageCLASS LBP7018C e-Manual

Outline This file is an electronic guide (HTML manual) for imageCLASS LBP7018C. Setup instruction How to Use the e-Manual Click on the file link, and save the file in a location of your choosing. Decompress the fie, and then double-click on the html file in the folder to view the manual in your Web browser. File information File name : File version : USRM184792

2. Unevenness/Smudge Marks Appear

Solution Printing Is Uneven Printed Pages Have White Specks The Toner Does Not Fix onto the Paper Well Smudge Marks of Spattering Toner Appear around the Text or Patterns The Back of the Printed Paper Has Smudge Marks The Overall Print Result Is Dark Residual Images Appear on Non-printed Areas Printing Is Uneven <Cause 1> Paper is too moist or too dry. <Solution> Replace the paper with new paper in

3. Specifications

Hardware Specifications TypeDesktop Page Printer Printing methodElectrophoto method (On-demand fixing) Printing speed (Plain paper (60 to 100 g/㎡), when printing A4 paper continuously)・Black and white printing: 16 pages/min. ・Color printing: 4 pages/min. * The print speed may drop depending on the paper settings for the size, type, orientation, and number of copies. Warm up time (Time from power on

4. CAPT Printer Driver for Linux V2.71

Detail Thank you for using the Canon CAPT Printer Driver for Linux. This CAPT printer driver provides printing functions for Canon LBP printers operating under the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) environment, a printing system that functions on Linux operating systems. Support This Software and Related Information are independently developed by Canon and distributed by your Canon local company.

5. Cleaning the Inside of the Printer

Solution Cleaning the Fixing Roller of the Printer Performing [Fixing Unit Cleaning 2] Cleaning the Photosensitive Drum of the Printer Cleaning the Fixing Roller of the Printer * A4 plain paper is required to clean the fixing roller. Have A4 plain paper ready. 1. Load A4 plain paper in the multi-purpose tray. For details on the procedures for loading paper, see "e-Manual" (HTML manual) in the CD-RO

6. The Printer Is Not Recognized Automatically (When Installing the Printer Driver)

Solution <Cause 1> The printer is not turned ON. <Solution> Turn the printer ON. <Cause 2> The USB cable is not connected properly. <Solution> Make sure that the printer and computer are properly connected with the USB cable. 1. Make sure that the printer and computer are OFF. 2. Connect the USB cable. Flat end (A): Connects to a USB port on your computer. Square end (B): Connects to the USB connec

7. The Printed Paper Has Smudge Marks

Solution <Cause> The fixing roller is dirty. <Solution> Clean the fixing roller. [ Cleaning the Inside of the Printer ] Related information Unevenness/Smudge Marks Appear

8. Usable Paper

Solution The following shows the paper sizes that can be used with this printer. Paper TypeSetting for [Paper Type]*1Paper Size Plain paper*2 (64 to 82 g/㎡)[Plain Paper]*3 *4 (Default)A4 B5 A5 Legal Letter Executive Statement Foolscap 16K Custom Paper Size*5 Plain paper*2 (60 to 69 g/㎡)[Plain Paper L]*3A4 B5 A5 Legal Letter Executive Statement Foolscap 16K Custom Paper Size*5 Plain paper*2 (76 to

9. Printing Is Faint/Faded

Solution The Overall Print Result Is Faint Printing Is Faded The Overall Print Result Is Faint <Cause 1> The setting for the toner density is not appropriate. <Solution> Adjust the toner density for printing to a darker setting. For details on the procedure for adjusting the toner density, see "e-Manual" (HTML manual) in the CD-ROM supplied with the printer. <Cause 2> [Toner Save] is enabled. <Solu

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